Whatever A SpidArd Can

Recently, I have been playing Spider-Man Unlimited for iOS. I must say I was never a fan of the auto runner genre until this particular game came along. I think it mostly has to do with with the fact it’s Spider-Verse related. 

Scarlet Spider
Scarlet Spider swinging into action

Even as an ‘adult’, Spider-Man continues to be one of my favorite Marvel characters (next to Wolverine, Deadpool, Venom, and Tony Stark). Especially after the announcement that Sony is letting Marvel use him for the MCU. Excite! There was also another rumor flying around that Nerdist News reported on about the possibility of Miles Morales from the Ultimate Universe will be Spider-Man just in time for Captain America: Civil War. Also excite!

I haven’t quite got a grasp on what’s going in this Spider-Verse run of ole web head so I grabbed the prelude trade when I saw it at Big Bang Comics over in Sewickley. Trades are the best especially if all these stories are crossing different Spider-Man comics. 

It seems a family who have been called The Inheritors are after the very souls/life force of all these different variations of Spider-Man. I think one of my favorite that was covered was the Assassin Spider who was trained by Logan/Wolverine. That was an interesting scenario when Karn showed up to eat his face until the Superior Spider-Man (Doc Oct) was like, “We gotta bounce, son cakes.”, but in more of an Otto Octavius tone.

Speaking of Doc Oct, he’s been time traveling to and from the 2099 dimension to gather up all these different Spidey’s to rid of or kill the Inheritors.

It’s an interesting read if you’re a fan of the Spidey. I can’t wait for the Spider-Verse trade to release once this run is over so I can find out what the hell went down.

The iOS game does have The Inheritors in it but it seems more focused on different versions of the Sinister Six breaking through different dimensions to tear up the place. 

There are daily challenges to get more ISO-8, which is used to either tag in another Spidey if you botch a run, used to bring different Spidey’s through the portal, or buy an extra slot to unlock more Spidey’s. 

Spider Gwen
Spider Gwen busting out of a portal

During events you have a chance to get a super charge spider person which can add to your score multiplier. Right now I have a score multiplier of 70.5 with the Ally from the East event going on right now.. You don’t only try to complete the task set but also try to get a high score to get the rank prize at the end of the event. The rank prize is a bit shady though. I imagine some of the higher scoring people have level 100 Spider folk which alone would be a high multiplier but if they happen to have the ones who get super charged during the event then wow… stupid high multiplier. 

It can be a pain to rank up your Spiders since you have to have the exact same one to use to rank up. You have a slim chance of getting new or existing ones through Standard Portals but it is rare so save up your ISO-8 to bring in some from time to time if you can!

Iron Spider

Guess I’ll get back to playing some more. Can’t really say enough great things about this game. It may have a bug here and there that may or may not mess up your run, but you get use to it. Go play!

Until next time…

– Your Friendly Neighborhood Ard.


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