Squirrel Hill Derby

Early last Friday morning a co-worker and I were on our way to Monroeville to take care of a few things IT related near and around the Forbes hospital.

The trip went rather well until about a quarter of the way into the Squirrel Hill Tunnel. The little red car in front of me slammed on it’s brakes and started to slide. In turn I had attempted to slow down but my brakes locked up and I began to slide too. I was able to cut the wheel I wound up hitting the little red car in a weird side swipe motion.

The damaged caused to the vehicle I was in pretty much rendered it inoperable. My co-worker and I suffered no injuries thankfully. The car on the other hand had it’s alignment severely screwed up. What baffled me most is that every one just drove by us without stopping to check if we were okay or not. The little red car was able to drive on. I assumed that person went on to wait outside on the east end of the tunnel, but upon finally getting out there I found out the son a of bitch fled the scene.

I pulled the car to the right side of the road while I waited for Troop to get over to me to take my statement since I wanted to file it. I was seen to close to 45min later due to three other incidents they were tending to. The Trooper took my statement and gave me the incident number and I went in back to the car to see about getting it towed.

The tie was finally set up so my co-worker and I sat around and shot the bull on and off for two of the four hours until the tow truck got there.

Four hours you say? Yes, I did. From the time we got out of the Squirrel Hill Tunnel until I left there was a steady influx of traffic, to no traffic, to cars getting pulled out or driven out with smashed up front ends or cars that looked like they fused together from being rear ended. During this time Action 4 News came out as well to film some of the carnage that was popping out of the tunnel every so often. They asked to talk to me on camera but I refused despite how handsome I am. I don’t think they are ready to hear my accent. lol Squirrel Hill Tunnel Crashes (Action 4 News)

All seemingly due to the fact that the water run off that was supposedly fixed from when the tunnel was under construction for like a year. Guess what? It isn’t fixed.

So I’ll be broke for a little while. Good game Squirrel Hill tunnel and shitty winter weather. You win this round…


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