They Say Not to Write Prologues

~ A man never knows the exact moment in his life that changes him. I have thought about this every night that I wake up to go to work. Every evening I sit up in bed staring at my soon to be wife wondering where I went wrong. It wasn’t the movies I had watched in my youth or even the video games I have played. I was raised having a mother and father who were both very understanding toward my odd behavior and macabre sense of humor. Even though I kept to myself throughout high school, I was well known due to my artistic skill. Up until the birth of my daughter I have led a fairly normal life, but I still wonder what has changed me into the man I am today. ~ This Is The Life 

So I’ve been been working on this little project since about 2005 with little to no progress. Even up until now I find it hard to write. Oddly enough I’ve never had that problem when writing papers during my high school or college years, but when it comes to something I actually want to write, I’m stuck. I’ve searched high and low on the incredible interwebs on “How to’s” and “whatnot’s” all to no avail. So I purchased a few books. Three to be exact. The fourth book I bought is irrelevant. It was about zombies. I heart zeds.

Getting back on track, I bought “How NOT To Write a Novel” and read about 30 pages of it until I stopped and got side tracked by something else. It happens. I haven’t picked it up since. Maybe I should pick it back up and finish it. The other two may be equally helpful. I haven’t quite found anything that will tell me what an amount pages would make for an acceptable chapter. I’m fairly sure that other book will.

I never quite understood the thing about not including a prologue. I was utterly blown away when I came across JGL‘s tumblr re-post about Elmore Leonard’s ‘Ten Rules to Writing‘. Rule numero dos: AVOID PROLOGUES. My mind blown was officially blown considering the prologue (which is a small exerpt at the top) was the very first thing I wrote. I could hear the Scott Pilgrim “K.O.!” announcer in my head as I read it. I sat there for hours trying to figure out how to incorporate it in to the actual story, but couldn’t come up with anything. So there I was stumped again. I began adding more to existing parts of the story to make it seem lengthier without causing bloat to what was already there.

Another problem I have with this writing process is how to get from point A, to point B, to point C and so forth. I have tons of ideas floating around my think tank and jot things down, but it’s piecing it together in a proper order. It’s a mess up there when it comes to this writing thing for own pleasure. I’d hope to do something with it one day, but I needs guidence. My midi-chlorian count is low. /sadpanda

Oh well. I’ll figure something out once I get my lazy pants off and put on my productive pants. Ugh pants.


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