One Month Later


A month ago I was finally offered a job somewhere I didn’t particularly want to work. I was even surprised I was offered a job considering I was probably over qualified for. I took it. Sadly I make less doing actual work in two weeks than I did collecting unemployment while I job hunted.

As far as the people I work with on a near daily basis, they are an alright bunch with the exception of one person. She’s a cunt needless to say. She is a snappy little bitch who has no idea how to talk to people. I’m sure her parents are proud. I’m sure the doctor’s first words when she was born was, “Congratulations… you have a cunt. /comfort”

One thing I don’t necessarily like about my job is that they like to call me on my days off or pull me from my department. They are also slightly unfair when you request days off or even on scheduling. I’ll be missing four days of work come Apr. 21-24. It was mentioned I had to go out of town before I even set foot on the sales floor, but apparently fell on deaf/uncaring years.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if I wind up without a job when I get back from Arkansas. Totally worth though. Looking forward to good times.

That’s it for now. Oh, I got an awesome shirt in ze mail today. 5-day forecast ftl!
I originally peeped it on

You’re welcome.


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