Gaming Anticipation

My anticipation for gaming I once had seems to have diminished over the last few months. It’s a shame really because there were some really quality games released that I have an played. I was excited for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and was very pleased with what I had played. The story was excellent and I can’t wait to see Desmond’s story unfold more. Then Fallout: New Vegas came out. I must say that New Vegas is to blame for my lack of interest in anything gaming lately. *points finger of blame*

Fallout: New Vegas had pretty much everyone I knew excited for it’s release. I even went as far as getting the über super stupid special edition of the game. It came with the platinum poker chip, which seems to be the main focus of the storyline, a few other poker chips, a comic, and possibly an art book. I believe there might have been a making of DVD in there too. I’d like to go out on a limb and a conclude that the ‘making of’ DVD wasn’t even finished because the game itself was released a little unfinished.

There were and I’m pretty sure still fairly terrible glitches in the game. I don’t believe it has received any updates of sorts yet. In first person view your character would seem to “flicker” from top to bottom on the screen like those hard scan lines on snow static channels. Sometimes even just staying at the top of the screen. You would have to wiggle the joy sticks in hops it would bring the Courier’s arms back into a more playable view. This game has to be the only game I know of in its existence to actually have longer loading times the more you play in one sitting… INSTALLED TO THE CONSOLE’S HDD! The game also calls for saving more than you normally would due to the likelihood of getting a corrupt save file and to chronic freezing on the games part. I’ve read reports of people losing their progress because the save file decided to corrupt and was forced to start over from the beginning.

Starting over from the beginning wouldn’t be so bad if you got to place perk points every level. I believe this is a beef a lot of people had with the game because in Fallout 3 you got to upgrade every level which made you into a swiss army knife of sorts. This time around though, you actually have to think about what you liked to do to your character making him/her way more spongey than the version of the game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to force you to think how to build your precious Courier. You think taking a bullet to the head by Matthew Perry would make this sod resilient to anything, but no… not even. Almost everything with the exception of baby Deathclaws are a real threat in this game. The only bad thing about baby Deathclaws are that they follow around the Mother Deathclaw. The flying Cazadors are just a big a threat for overgrown mosquitos that even at max level (pre Dead Money DLC) will kill you due to they hit very hard and fast. Oh, and they travel in swarms of six or seven. So that’s fairly pleasant too.

There is also a point of no return once you hit a certain part in the story’s monotonous, do all this extra stuff so everyone likes you plot. This basically becomes the ‘face the main threat’ scenario of the game depending on who you decide to befriend or make enemies. There are at least three different ways to play the game, which means you have to play it at least three different times. It wouldn’t be so bad if this game weren’t so boring and glitchy to play. Also, the Dead Money DLC must be finished before you get to that ‘Point of No Return’ too. I haven’t even really tackled that yet. I’m staring at a fountain in some weird place that’s kind of reminiscent of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. It’s not nearly as bad though. I’ll play it through one day, but the thought of it just deters me from even wanting to. Shame really.

Then there’s Dead Rising 2. Those who know me real well know two things about me: I hate me some pants and I heart me some zombies. Absolutely love zombies. Slow, mindless, lumbering undead. Dead Rising 2 has no pants and zombies… So you can’t really go wrong there, but having picked it up after Fallout: New Vegas poses a problem. That problem being the want to even game has been drained and any anticipation I had for gaming seems to have been drained along with it. It’s sad really because it is something I enjoy aside from the occasionally masturbation session. lol Yeah, I went there.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m sort of slacking off on that… the gaming part (for those whose minds are elsewhere.) It’ll give me time to focus on something else that matters to me… something/one I lost years upon years ago. So there’s something to look more than forward to this year. Maybe with that new element back in my life, it won’t seem like “same ‘ole, same ‘ole”. I’m sure there’s bound to be drama. It’s inevitable, but I believe it’s worth whatever comes along with… um her. It was then and still is now.


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