Late night Literary Genius

This sudden torrential down pour seemed to condemn me with each monstrous clap of thunder as I continued to bury this evenings crime. The paranoia kindly sat itself upon the layer of cocaine I had partook in earlier wasn’t helping the situation at all. It didn’t matter. I had to finish burying her, but the stone cold glare she gave me as her eyes seems to peer through the dirt further backed my suspicions that I was being watched. Damn this weather… of all nights.

Damn this drug. The rain began to sound like the insane flutter of a thousand bats as they left the confines of their lair for the evening. “Bats, god damned bats… They’re everywhere.” I found myself saying as I attempted to wave them away frantically as any normal human being would. Except there were no bats. The paranoia sunk in even further than before I began to dig. Is this guilt?


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